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voice stress analyzer - phone lie detection

Privacy in a Fishbowl - Page 178

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Found inside – Page 178
While it is relatively simple to intercept a cellular phone call , it is difficult for a stationary observer to listen in while the target moves ... Incidentally , voice stress analyzers are even less reliable than lie detectors .

Effective Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques - Page 316

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Found inside – Page 316
D. O'Hair, M.J. Cody, S. Wang, E.Y. Chao, Vocal stress and deception detection among Chinese, Communication Quarterly 38 (2) (Spring) (1990) 158ff. ... R.F. Waln, R.G. Downey, Voice stress analysis: use of telephone recordings, J. Bus.

The Polygraph and Lie Detection

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Various instruments have been developed over the past 20 years or more that purport to detect deception by means of signals of “voice stress” as reflected in intensity, frequency, pitch, harmonics, and even microtremors.

Detecting Lies and Deceit: Pitfalls and Opportunities - Page 338

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Aldert Vrij · 2011
Found inside – Page 338
Sometimes voice stress analysis is introduced as an alternative technique to polygraph testing but this is ... covertly (e.g. by insurance companies when they discuss claims with clients over the telephone), a CQT cannot be carried out.

Lie Detectors: A Social History - Page 180

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Found inside – Page 180
While it was illegal to tape a phone conversation without permission, this system did not make a tape. ... Said to analyze the stress levels in a person's voice to determine whether or not they were telling the truth, the device was ...

Employment Law - Page 553

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Found inside – Page 553
possible future technology including a “deceptograph, voice stress analyzer, psychological stress evaluator, ... In a wrongful discharge lawsuit, the plaintiff argued that the tape recorder was a potential “lie detector,” and that the ...

Popular Mechanics - Jun 1979 - Page 17

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Vol. 151, No. 6 · ‎Magazine
Found inside – Page 17
Not even a lie detector. Lie detectors (or polygraph machines) simply detect stress, but it takes a competent professional polygraph examiner to interpret the results. The same goes for voice stress analyzers. Voice stress analyzers ...

ABA Journal - May 1999 - Page 16

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Vol. 85 · ‎Magazine
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ftuth Sleuth or Faulty Detector? Voice stress analyzer as polygraph alternative goes on trial Let STI partner with you into the next millennium with. NEWS BY MARK HANSEN In an episode of the TV series Homicide: Life on the Streets, ...

Interrogation: Achieving Confessions Using Permissible ... - Page 96

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Found inside – Page 96
Detecting Deception with Voice Stress It is clear that voice stress testing has not as yet achieved the level or reliability or accuracy that would make it a useful tool for detecting deception. Krapohl, Ryan, and Shull (2002) have ...

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