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en-Visual editor - Jimbo - Gdansk

Photo taken by my son Zyang... sacrificed.

The"visual editor"used by the complicated Parsoidis already accessible to the public , it is the "wysiwyg" that - without thinking it would be so complex - I asked Jim Wales at the Gdansk assembly in 2010, with a true argument "that it was for professionals of a certain age with "great knowledge" that they find difficult to edit with the editor "wiki" (but in fact I was ashamed to tell him that I also wanted him to correct my bad spelling in Catalan, I was born in 1945)." He said it would be in 2012, and although a movie has been delayed. is already in a fairly operational beta stage.

Personally, the most important thing is that "combined with the Firefox checker"allows you to read/edit the article and fix ("wysiwyg") spelling errors.. (at the moment you can correct the apostrophes and plural see lining (nautical)..com remains.).

Wikimedia has another "wysiwyg" editor that also together with the Firefox checker makes it even easier to correct errors than using the native "wikitext" editor (it has more commands).. -see this editor)

Oh!... since I see that those who were present at the Gdansk assembly (wikimania-2010) have not said it, I transcribes my speech (and arguments) with Jim Wales,to which he replied by saying that he had convinced him:

Hi Jim, congratulations for "wikitext",  you have achieved a great language much easier to learn to edit than the cumbersome "hypertext", but today there are plenty of "wysiwyg" editors for "hypertext" and none for "wikitext", wich represent its main drawback to be used by "full of knowledge" lawyers, architects, writers of my generation unable to become..ever.. "skilled wikitext editors".. , nevertheless they are able to edit  with "wysiwyg" editors like "word", etc..Back in 1987 I saw at Macworld-Boston (as a member of Apple Spain) the presentation of "Hypercard" wich gave birth a bit later to the "Berners-Lee hypertext", very complicated and difficult to edit (impossible for non professionals..) but boom!, the 20 following years gave birth to hundreds of "wysiwyg" editors for "hypertext", making it usable by everybody professional or not not..That's what Wikipedia needs, a "wysiwyg" editor able to be used not only by newcomers (a newcomer arrives to be a skilled editor in a couple of weeks..) but by anyone else specially the "professionals of a certain age with great knowledge" I've mentioned before, that will end their editing days without becoming "skilled wikitext editors"...

Jimbo answer: so we are losing a big amount of "full of knowledge" lawyers, architects, writers, etc.. that will never be.. "skilled wikitext editors".. don't worry ..we will have a "visual editor" in two years time..by 2012.

The testimony of my speech that he answered in English, but then in the hall in front of the Jimbo spoke to me in perfect Catalan, he was the representative of the Israel wiki, and he told me that he was descended from xuetes and that he had learned it in Tel Aviv with a girl from Palma who taught them, sheltering them, after 500 years!!

I made an article THE SONG OF BIRDS vs. Yiddishe Mamme - The Blind Cow (histo.cat)

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