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Optical Network Terminal (ONT)

An Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is a small box Verizon provides that is generally located on an outside wall of your home. It has a power cord that goes into your home through your Battery Back-Up Unit (BBU) where it plugs into an existing standard AC outlet.

The ONT installed at your home will look similar, but may not be identical to the model shown below.

Image depicting an Optical Network Terminal

Although the lines are grounded, do not attempt to open the ONT or test the lines during rain, a thunderstorm, or other hazardous weather conditions. If there is a loud hum on the line, do not test the ONT.

In fiber-to-the-premises systems, the signal is transmitted to the customer premises using fiber optic technologies. Unlike many conventional telephone technologies, this does not provide power for premises equipment, nor is it suitable for direct connection to customer equipment. An ONT (optical network terminal) is used to terminate the fiber optic line, demultiplex the signal into its component parts (voice telephone, television, and Internet), and provide power to customer telephones. As the ONT must derive its power from the customer premises electrical supply, many ONTs have the option for a battery backup, to maintain service in the event of a power outage.[2]

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