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The importance of Bull-Ge in the actual computer world & standards

In 1976 I've been "upgraded" from my job as hardware engineer (cambia-placas) at Honeywel Bull Spain, to become "system's engineer" (for another 30 years) ...

A "senior colleague of mine": Lluch, (now dead), with more experience than me & who did the same "upgrading" 10 years before me, told me: don't  think you are becoming the "computer's king",  time will teach you  that "every new release converts the known errors into unknown errors" and.., life as the best teacher has shown me how right he was.... (Luis del Molino used to tell me: bueno ya me has contado las mejoras de la release.., ahora cuéntame las peoras..)

I just wanted to let you know that my firm HIS worked for 30 years with this Multics system created by the MIT and Fernando J. Corbató, adopted by Ge, that was bought (for 1.00$) by Honeywell when goverment has applied the antitrust law and then by BULL. In fact Bell Labs were using our GE-645 computer, Kerninhan & Ritchie's B-LANGUAGE (B-facility) later improved as C-LANGUAGE, and UNIX which is the little brother offspring of MULTICS.

I've added the story of Bob Bemer, FATHER OF ASCII AND "coleague" of my teacher Jim Lamb from HIS-Phoenix

Manuel Capdevila - Systems Engineer.


Articles that unveal the importance of Bull-Honeywell-Ge in the actual computer world  & computer standards


Mcapdevila articles some of them with more than 250.000 reads from 2010 just in en.wiki

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