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Javier del Arco de Izco

Infotaula de persona Javier Del Arco

Birth April 17 , 1946
Death January 14, 2013 (at age 66)
Nationality Catalonia
Employment Journalist and writer
Language Spanish
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Javier del Arco de Izco ( Barcelona , April 17 , 1946 - January 14, 2013 ) [1] was an engineer , publisher , journalist , photographer and writer in Spanish and Catalan , specializing in motor racing . Considered an authority in the field, [2] he has published numerous reference works and has collaborated with several specialized publications. Between 1969 and 1994 he covered 185 Grand Prix Formula 1 , as well as races of all kinds. He created and directed the 4 Tiempos specialized magazine and yearbook and wrote works that have become classics about the history of motor sports in Catalonia , such as the two volumes on the Montju√Įc circuit , published by the RACC and the Can Costa Foundation the years 2000 and 2004 . [2]

Resident at Cabrils ( Maresme ) during his last years of life, he died at 66 years after a long illness, a few years later to have begun to suffer the effects of Parkinson's . [3]


Degree in Industrial Engineering and Information Sciences , [1] Javier del Arco was editor-in-chief of Formula magazine ( 1971 - 1975 ) and Solo Auto Actual ( 1987-1991 ). In 1973 , he became the first Catalan journalist to join the International Racing Press Association . [1] He created and directed the magazine 4 Tiempos ( 1979 - 1980 ) and the yearbook of the same name ( 1981-1987 ). [3] He also founded a family publisher, Arcrís Ediciones (acronym of his surname and that of his wife, Cristiano), from which he published works such as Ricart - Pegaso: La Pasión del Automóvil by Carlos Mosquera and Enrique Coma- Cros ( 1998 ). [4]

Throughout the years, he wrote several historical works commissioned by the RACC, such as " History of motor racing in Catalonia " ( 1990 ), " 40 years of history of motor racing in the Montju√Įc circuit, 1933-1975 " (2000, the title he valued most of all his work) and " 55 years of history of motorcycling in the circuit of Montju√Įc, 1932-1986 " (2004). He also collaborated in the sports section of " RACC, one hundred years of passion, 1906-2006 " ( 2006 ). In 2007 , the RACC recognized his work paying tribute to his headquarters in Barcelona and giving him the silver helmet. [4]


Javier del Arco is especially remembered for his monumental history of races in the Montju√Įc circuit, with 600 pages of total volumes dedicated to cars (2000) and motorcycles (2004), both written while he was beginning to be affected by Parkinson's. [3] He was also the author of many other reference works, of which a selection is listed below: [5] [6]

  • In Spanish:
    • To 200 per hour (1975 and 1977), with Jaume Alguersuari
    • Sports driving of the car (1976), with Mario Poltronieri
    • Basic knowledge of your car (1982), with Clifford M. Tempest
    • Four times. Book of the Year of Sports Motoring (1983)
    • 1983-84 book of 4-stroke sports car (1984)
    • 40 years of history of motor racing in the circuit of Montju√Įc (2000)
    • 55 years of history of motorcycling in the circuit of Montjuic (2004)
    • The yearbook of Formula 1, 2004-2005 (2005), with Jordi Camp and Jos√© Ram√≥n Gal√°n
  • In Catalan:
    • History of motor racing in Catalonia (1990)
    • RACC one hundred years of passion, 1906-2006 (2006), with Gabriel Pernau
    • The collection (2008)


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