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US211M Digital Water Flow Meter Reader with Hall Water Flow Sensor USN-HS06PS 0.05-1L/min Flow Displayer Sea Zhongjiang Dijiang


1. The digital display meter controller US211M can display the instantaneous flow,  flow unit is L / min(or GPM),

2. The digital display meter controller US211M can display the cumulative flow, unit is L(or US Gallon)

3. The digital display meter controller US211M can count and show the frequency of the flow sensor. The frequency is in right proportion of the water flow rate.

4. The digital display meter controller US211M can show the temperature sensor with the NTC50K sensor. But the whole set doesn't include the NTC50K sensor.

5. The digital display meter controller US211M can do dosage control with an additional solenoid valve which is not included in this set.


Item Description:


This system uses the advanced single chip microcomputer technology, LCD dynamic display screen to display the state of new flow measurement and control instrument. Ultra-thin design, generous and beautiful. With small size, light weight, showing visual reading, clear, high reliability advantages, and a pulse output flow sensor and electromagnetic valve and other ancillary to form a flow control system.
Features of US211M Controller:
Ultra-thin design, flexible installation: suitable for a variety of models of assembly, easy to use.

The large white backlit LCD screen: beautiful, generous, to realize digital.
The use of ultra wide range of external power supply: to make it more widely used, more energy and a variety of models to connect.


Specification of Controller:

Operating Voltage Range: DC 24V ¬Ī8V/1A
Solenoid Valve Operating Voltage: DC12V / 0.3A-0.5A (Normally closed solenoid valve)
Flow probe Voltage: DC5V (Flow probe input signal 1-400Hz)

Quantitative Range: 0.1-9999 L (K value can be placed into the instrument constant maximum value 1-9999 L / min)

Size:103 x 80 x 35mm

(K value can not be zero)

Petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, small and medium water machine and other industries gas, liquid flow quantity (batch) management control.

Main Specification of flow sensor:

Flow sensor connecting type: 6mm Outer diamter quick plug end
Working Voltage: 5-18V DC
Repeat Error: ¬Ī1% (must be stable pressure)
Temp range : -20 -60 celsius pure water.

Flow Range: 0.05-1L/min Accuracy: +-5%
Working Pressure: 0.05-0.8MPa

K Value of this sensor: K=155

NPN output pulse signal

Wire length: 35cm,

Connection: Red:+; Black: GND, Yellow: Singal.

Whole Set Package include:

1* Controller US211M digital flow meter

1* USN-HS06PS POM hall water flow sensor

1* Power Adaptor

1* User manual(the e-manual is available here:http://us211m.com/download/showdownload.php?id=2 )



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