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Smart Pen - Digital Pen - BolĂ­graf digitalitzador


The Maxell digital pen "Penit " is a high technology interface/device that converts handwritten analog information created using "pen and paper" into digital data, enabling the data to be utilized in various applications.


The digital pen is a sophisticated integration of Maxell electronics embodied in a sleek style. It converts analog information (handwritten order forms, clinical charts and handwritten memos) into digital data and stores it in its built-in memory.

Once stored in the pen's built-in memory, the information can be easily transferred to a PC or other IT devices, such as a mobile phone, via a Bluetooth® or USB interface over networks, and used in a variety of applications.


When using the digital pen, you won't even realize that you are using a state-of-the-art IT and network device. The Maxell digital pen further expands the possibility of using advanced networks for everyone from business users to consumers.


Superior usability and mobility

when any application of the digital pen, you can use it just like you use a regular writing implement. In addition, the digital pen functions without a keyboard or PC, allowing you to use it anywhere, even while on the go.

Bluetooth® supported

Through mobile equipment featuring a Bluetooth® interface–-such as mobile phones -–you can transmit handwritten data anywhere around the world over the Internet in a PC-less environment.

Capability of identifying and supporting multiple applications

Business-use applications are developed as purpose-built in combination with pattern-printed paper. Writing with the digital pen on one of such applications and sending your handwritten information to a PC or server on the Internet automatically starts up a matching application and processes the information.

Resumable recording

As the digital pen identifies absolute coordinate addresses of handwritten data, you can stop and resume writing at any time.

Memory capacity

The memory capacity of the digital pen is equivalent to approx. 40 pages in terms of A5 sheet.

Good security protection tool

Each digital pen has its own unique information including a serial number, date recorded and writing style, enabling easy and effective management of security and protecting the data from tampering or counterfeiting. The paper itself can be stored as the original document for those who prefer the traditional pen and paper approach.

Good security protection tool

Each digital pen has its own unique information including a serial number, date recorded and writing style, enabling easy and effective management of security and protecting the data from tampering or counterfeiting. The paper itself can be stored as the original document for those who prefer the traditional pen and paper approach.


Model DP-201 (Bluetooth® + USB model)
Weight 30g
Dimensions 153 x 19 x 17mm (without a cap)
157 x 21 x 18mm (with a cap)
Data communication USB 1.1 standard (USB 2.0 standard can be used)
Bluetooth® 1.2 standard
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C (with no condensation)
Built-in battery Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Operation time 2 hours (120 minutes) or longer
Standby time 10 hours (min.) without a cap
Charging time Approx. 2.5 hours
Charging method
Via cradle (AC adapter/USB)



As easy to use as a normal ink pen, the Nokia Digital Pen provides you with an digital instrument that records as it writes. Slogan, sketch, or signature - if it's written on digital paper, the Nokia Digital Pen remembers it.

Get a brilliant story idea during lunch? Jot it down and it's stored in the pen. When you get back to the desk and put the pen in its stand, your thoughts are transferred to your compatible PC in an instant.

And since it all works digitally, you can add colours and sketches to your notes for a look that's even richer and more alive on screen than on paper.

Make Messages with Personality

Use the Nokia Digital Pen to make your messages more personal. The pen connects wirelessly via Bluetooth technology to compatible mobile phones, which means you can send handwritten notes as colour multimedia messages to friends or colleagues with compatible devices.


  • Natural use of pen and paper
  • Wireless connection to compatible phones using Bluetooth technology
  • Send your personalized note or drawing via MMS to a compatible device
  • Store your personal notes on a compatible PC
  • Supports the use of compatible third-party open services


Sales Package Contains

  • Digital Pen SU-1B
  • Connectivity Stand for Digital Pen DT-2
  • Travel Charger ACP-12
  • USB cable
  • Ink refills
  • PC application on CD
  • User's Guide
Nokia Digital Pen SU-1B

Paper Goes Digital

The Nokia Digital Pen works in combination with digital paper, which makes it possible for the pen to remember what you write.

With the SU-1B, pads of this powerful paper come in two sizes: a larger notepad (A5) for notes and smaller MMS pad (B7) for messages. Just slip one into your back pocket or shoulder bag to record your thoughts midtown or mid-meeting.

The Nokia Digital Pen remembers each page of each pad separately, so even if you're distracted for a day or two, you can pack it up and pick it up later without losing a letter.

Digital Paper

  • Regular paper with specially printed digital pattern
  • Key to pen's store-and-send abilities
  • Each page is remembered by the pen, so you can edit and update them by hand
  • Coded boxes contain pen commands
  • Tick style boxes to change line color and thickness
  • Tick a selection box to choose the message size
  • Tick the send box to transmit the message to your compatible phone or PC
Model Number: SU-1B
Weight: 35g
Dimensions: 149mm x 23mm x 20mm
Memory: 1MB (100 A5 pages)
Bluetooth Compliance*: According to specification 1.1. Supports General Access (GAP), Serial Port (SPP), Object Push (OPP), and Dial-Up Networking (DUN) profiles.
Recording Time: Up to 2 hours
Standby Time: Up to 10 hours (cap off)
Operating Temperature: +5°C to +55deg;C
Battery: LiPo
Compatible Nokia Chargers: ACP-12, ACP-8, LCH-12
Compatible Phones*: Nokia 3650, Nokia 6650, Nokia 7650 phones and other phones supporting Bluetooth specification 1.1 (GAP, SPP, OPP, and DUN profiles)
Sales Package Contents: Digital Pen SU-1B, Connectivity Stand for Digital Pen DT-2, Travel Charger ACP-12, USB cable, Ink refills, PC application on CD, User's Guide

Connectivity Stand for Digital Pen

Model Number: DT-2
Dimensions: 56mm x 60mm x 77mm
USB Standard: 1.1
Compatible Nokia Chargers: ACP-8, ACP-9, ACP-12


Pens That Use Bluetooth

A number of vendors including Maxell, Ericsson and Nokia have linked Anoto pattern-based pen computers with other devices using Bluetooth networking. The pens are Bluetooth capable, allowing for wireless transmission of data from the pen to a phone, handheld or even a PC. You write on Anoto paper, the pen records your handwriting and translates it into text characters. Once data is transferred to another device, depending on the device and its capabilities, you can send data in such forms as SMS messages, graphical email attachments, database records or raw or smart data streams. Some of these devices also have USB 2.0 interfaces allowing for wired communication with handhelds and PCs.

Maxell offers an Anoto-based digital pen called the "Penit." The computer can run a wide range of business, medical and consumer applications. It comes with both a USB 2.0 and Bluetooth interface. The Penit can transfer data to a PC, handheld or cell phone through either interface. Once data has been transferred you can process it in a PC environment or send it through the Internet to a server running an application service handler (ASH) that processes the data and makes it available for use.

Maxell's Penit pen-based computer can be used for a wide range of applications including those in the medical field.

Using Bluetooth Ericsson's Chatpen can record and send information to a PC, handheld or phone. The data can then be sent over the Internet to a special intermediate storage service provided by Anoto. From there data can be processed in any way the user wishes.

Data captured in Ericsson's Chatpen can be transmitted to a variety of computing devices using Bluetooth and then on to other systems via the Internet.

Like Maxell's Penit, Nokia's digital pen has both Bluetooth and USB 2.0 interfaces. With this digital pen you can manage your life using a paper FiloFax planner with note pages and transfer these into your PC calendar, notes and to do applications. You can also send SMS and email messages through your phone. Other applications include transferring text and drawings directly into PC applications and getting GPS-based recommendations for various service establishments such as restaurants on your phone using pen-based input.

Among other things Nokia's digital pen can be used for planning, notes, sending SMS and email messages and finding restaurants and other service establishments.


1. Built-in lithium battery (chargeable via USB): up to 10 hours of continuous writing

2. Note pad capable of storing up to 100 A4 pages, operating via infrared

3. Bluetooth connectivity to transfer your notes to any mobile device (iOS/Android)

4. Standard ink cartridge included. Refills available from our online store

5. As lightweight and comfortable to use as a traditional pen.

Export your notes as editable text in Word

With a single click, convert your handwritten notes to text in Word. All those long pages of class notes or notes on meetings are instantly converted into an editable Word document! Then it's easy to tidy up your notes and share them. The perfect tool to boost your productivity!


All of your notes, accessible at all times

IRISNotes Air 3 makes your notes more mobile than ever. Transfer them directly via Bluetooth to any mobile device (Android or iOS). Thanks to the free IRISNotes 3 software provided, you can instantly send your notes by email or just archive them. You will never again need a computer to share your notes!

IRISNotes for iOS
IRISNotes for Android

Capture your handwritten notes without a computer!

Capture your drawings without a computer!

Automatically send your notes and drawings to your PC

No need for batteries thanks to the built-in battery, rechargeable via a USB port

Compatible with any paper

Storage capacity up to 100 A4 pages of notes in the memory

Bluetooth® connection

Send notes to your smartphone, tablet, iPhone® and iPad® (via Bluetooth®)

Possibility of writing and drawing on the photos taken with your smartphone
or tablet, and sharing them

Possibility of writing and drawing on the photos taken with your iPhone®
or iPad®, and sharing them

Operating system Windows Windows, Mac,
Android, iOS


IRISNotes 3 - Resources

Hardware specifications Minimum required system configuration:
Technology: Ultrasound and infrared
- Bluetooth (IRISNotes Air 3 only): 4.0 LE
- Rechargeable internal battery: Around 3.5 hours of battery life
- Battery type:
--- Receiver: rechargeable lithium-ion battery
--- Pen: rechargeable lithium-ion battery
- Battery life (continuous writing):
--- Receiver: 16 hours
--- Pen: 60 hours
-Ink cartridge: Standard cartridge (length 67 mm x diameter 2.35 mm)
- Coverage zone: A4/letter format
- Storage capacity: Up to 100 pages in A4/letter format
Windows® software
-Processor: Intel® CORE i5
-Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8 or 7
-1 GB of RAM
-1 GB available hard disk space
-1 USB 2.0 port available

Software for Mac® (IRISNotes Air 3 only)
-Mac® computer equipped with an Intel® CORE i5 processor
-Mac OS® X: Sierra/El Capitan
-512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended)
-1 GB available hard disk space
-1 USB 2.0 port available

Software for iOS® (IRISNotes Air 3 only)
- iOS version 7.0 or later

Software suite for Android® (IRISNotes Air 3 only)
- Android version 4.3 or later

Box content Quick Reference Guide
- Digital pen and USB receiver
- USB cable
- Ink cartridge
- 1 case
- Software serial number (software not included in the box; can be downloaded from the website: www.irislink.com/start)

//The content may be modified without notice according to constraints related to production and components.
- Product name: IRISNotes™ 3
- SKU reference: 458961
- EAN code: 5420079900301
- Customs code: 847190
- Box dimensions (H x L x D): 19.8 x 15 x 3.2 cm
- Box weight: 280 g
- Pen weight Size (L x D): 20 g,
3.3 x 1.45 cm
Weight of receiver, Size (L x W x D): 26 g, 7.6 x 2.8 x 1.2 cm

- Product name: IRISNotes™ Air 3
- SKU reference: 765010458962
- EAN code: 5420079900318
- Customs code: 847190
- Box dimensions (H x L x D): 19.8 x 15 x 3.2 cm
- Box weight: 280 g
- Pen weight, Size (L x D): 20 g,
13.3 x 1.45 cm
Weight of receiver, Size (L x W x D): 23 g, 7.6 x 2.8 x 1.2 m

(IRISNotes 3) 22 recognized languages : English (US, GB, Ca), German, Chinese (SCH, TCH), Korean, Danish, Spanish (Mex, Sp), Finnish, French (Ca, Fr), Greek, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Br, Pt), Russian, Swedish.

(IRISNotes Air 3) 30 recognized languages : Arabic, Catalan, Chinese ( Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (Canada), English (UK), English (USA), Finnish, French (Canada), French (France), German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese

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