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PIC16F877A KIT incircuit

Product introduction

_BK300 is a PIC MCU development board with high performance-price ratio, which is improved by BK200+. It has abundant hardware resources and perfect matching routines. We can use the distributed USB power supply line to save the cost of purchasing additional power supply. When we need external power supply, we also have external 5V DC power supply interface, ICSP simulation programming interface (note: we need to buy another programmer or emulator to download the program to the development board), using PIC emulator (PICKit2&ICD2, etc.), or Programmer (K149 & K150, etc.) is convenient for program simulation and programming.
_BK300 PIC development in addition to the board already contains a wealth of peripheral circuits, the pins of single chip microprocessors can be clearly labeled through pin arrays. Users can expand peripheral circuits freely by DuPont Line to achieve a variety of experiments.
If you want to learn PIC MCU, but do not have a suitable learning board and matching routine resources do not know where to start learning, we recommend you to buy this BK300 PIC learning board, as a past person, have deep experience. Accordingly, we have introduced this PIC MCU development board with good quality, low price, stable performance, rich resources and perfect routine.
_BK300 PIC learning board is mainly designed for beginners of PIC MCU and electronic enthusiasts. It is the choice for beginners of PIC MCU. Through the matching routine step by step in-depth study of PIC internal resources and development software, so as to achieve a comprehensive understanding of PIC and improve programming technology.
Introduction to the Functions of BK300 PIC Development Board
A PIC16F877A chip is equipped with the development board.
_ZIF40 Active IC Block Convenient to Reuse PIC Single Chip Microcomputer
_8 LED Light Emitting Diodes (Horse Lamp Experiment)
_4-bit Gongyang Digital Tube
1*4 independent key
4*4 matrix button
_DS1302 Clock Chip (Electronic Clock Experiment)
DS18B20 temperature sensor (temperature detection and display)
_AT24C02 I2C External Memory
_Internal EEPROM Reading and Writing
Buzzer (singlechip voice, music performance)
_SP232 chip RS232 communication (communication with host computer)
_ADC potentiometer input conversion (AD conversion experiment)
_1602 LCD Interface (Character Display)
_12864 LCD Interface (Chinese Character Display, Image Display, Man-Machine Interface)
USB power supply interface
_DC Motor Interface (PWM for Speed Regulation)
_Stepper Motor Interface
Infrared receiver
1 way relay
PS2 keyboard interface
_External Reset Circuit
_ICSP simulation programming interface (additional simulator or programmer required)
All IO pins are drawn out and clearly marked (user-friendly expansion)
Shipping list
_BK300 PIC Development Board 1
_PIC16F877A Chip 1
_Infrared remote controller 1
High quality USB2.0 data line (power supply) 1
_9-pin serial data line
10 DuPont Lines


Along with the development board is equipped with a slice of PIC16F877A chips

Mixer ZIF40 activity IC convenient take PIC microcontroller reused

Pieces of eight LED light-emitting diodes (entertaining diversions experiment)

Four pieces of Yang digital tube

Mixer 1 * 4 separate button

Pieces of 4 * 4 matrix buttons

Mixer DS1302 clock chip (electronic clock experiment),

Mixer DS18B20 temperature sensor (temperature detection and display)

Mixer AT24C02 I2C external memory

Mixer block internal EEPROM read and write

Mixer buzzer (single-chip voice, music play)

Mixer SP232 chip RS232 communication communicates (ditto)

Mixer ADC potentiometer type conversion (AD conversion experiment)

Mixer 1602 LCD interface (character display)

Mixer 12864 LCD interface (Chinese character display, image display, man-machine interface)

Pieces of USB power supply interface

Mixer dc motor interface (PWM speed)

Mixer stepper motor interface

Pieces of infrared receiving head

Mixer 1 road relay

In pieces the PS2 keyboard interface

Mixer external reset circuit

Mixer ICSP simulation programming interface (simulators or need to purchase another programmer)

In pieces all the IO mouth row needles elicit and clearly marked (convenient user extensions)

Taken the painted shipping list

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mixer BK300 PIC development 1 boards

1 piece of mixer PIC16F877A chip

1 pieces of infrared remote control

Pieces of high quality usb cable (power supply). 1 root

Mixer 9-pin serial data line 1

In pieces to send dupont line 10


Resources on the board:


â—† Reset button.


â—† 4M crystal oscillator on board, the frequency of crystal oscillator can be changed at any time by socket mode


4 independent keyboard connected to RB0, RB1, RB2 and RB3


â—†8 LED connected to the RD port, J3 plug in LED enable, J3 unplug the RD port completely release


â—† Standard RS232 communication interface, MCU and computer communication interface.


â—†USB power supply interface (send USB power supply line can not buy another power supply).


â—† External 5V DC power interface


â—† Power switch.


ICSP programming simulation interface (can be connected to K150 PICKIT2 PICKIT3 ICD2 and other tools)


â—†VCC GND pin arrangement power extension interface, can be used for 5 volt power access or lead out.


â—† MCU IO port is easy to expand with needle extraction


DS18B20 temperature sensor interface


â—†LCD1602 LCD interface


â—†LCD12864 LCD interface


Shipping list:


â—†PIC development board (including PIC16F877A microcontroller)

â—† High quality USB power supply cable

â—† The circuit board supports 4


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