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Czur ET 16 Scanner Software Instruction by DH Innovation Czur UK - YouTube

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Product description


  • Czur ET16 automatically identify and flatten the curve distortion of books, using a Lagrange transformation.
  • Unlike any other traditional scanners, CZUR ET16 revolutionizes your scanning experience by bringing simple, intelligent and fast scanning performance.
  • All books, magazines, contracts and any paper documents within size A3 can be scanned directly without cutting or damaging in the speed of 1.5s/page (40-60pages/min).
  • The CZUR ET16 is also capable of scanning physical objects such as sculptures.
  • All of your scanned documents can be converted to editable Word/PDF/TIFF or JPG.
  • A replicated digital document will be created also automatically erasing the fingers that hold the book in place.
  • All documents you scanned can be uploaded to CZUR Cloud via Wi-Fi.
  • Easily synchronize your files to any devices you wanted, giving you more flexibility to manage your scanned data
  • Specification Modal: ET16+ Color: Black Scan speed: <1.5S
  • Maximum format: A3 Sensor: HD CMOS
  • Camera pixel: 16Mpix
  • Optical Resolution: 4608 x 3456
  • Light source: Natural light + Auxiliary light
  • Focus mode: Auto focus
  • Preview resolution: HDMI preview 1920*1080P
  • Video frame rate: HDMI 1080P 30 frame/s
  • Video output format: Mjpg„ÄĀYUV Image format: JPG, PDF, TIFF
  • Color digits: 24-bit color TFT screen: 2.4inches, 4:3 screen
  • Storage: Nand Flash 1G
  • Power Supply: External adapter, input 100-240V, 50/60Hz, output 9V/2A
  • Package 1 x Czur ET16+ Scanner, 1 x Scan pad, 1 x Adapter, 2 x Finger cot, 1 x Foot switch, 1 x Hand switch

The Innovative Curve Flattening Technology
CZUR ET18 Pro/ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner CZUR ET18 Pro/ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner
  • CZUR ET18 Pro/ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner
    No Need
    to Unbind
  • CZUR ET18 Pro/ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner
  • CZUR ET18 Pro/ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner
Patented Flattening Curve
Three laser lines, which are harmless, from the scanner hit
and analyze the contours of an open, bound book.
CZUR ET18 Pro/ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner CZUR ET18 Pro/ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner
The smart algorithm, combined with accurate laser lines, digitally restores every curved page to
perfectly flat books. That means that your most valuable collections can be scanned perfectly
and never damage them in the process. Just one step, you can get what you want.
How to use CZUR Scanner?


a)  Take out the scanner and accessories from the package, then connect the DC power adapter, USB cable and scan button in turn;

b) ¬†Place the black soft pad under the scanner‚Äôs lens, adjust the pad to ensure that the two corners are aligned with the base. Make sure the pad can cover the entire display, and no other things exposed except the document to be scanned. Check the LCD on the head portion to see if the black soft pad covers the entire screen and ensure that the desk surface or random edges are not included within the scanÔľąTips: All the scanning work must be done on the soft texture pad.ÔľČ


c)   Please turn on the LED light when scanning. There are two brightness levels for the LED light. Please adjust light level at your needs.


Download product software

Please download the software installation package on official websiteÔľöhttps://www.czur.com/support/et16plus#software


Select the color mode

Please select the color mode on the right side of the preview interface. There are Color, Patterns, Stamps, Grayscale and B&W 5 color modes in total.


Select the processing method

Please select the¬†processing method on the¬†right side of the preview interface.¬†There are ¬†[Flat Single Page]„ÄĀ[Facing Page]„ÄĀManual Selection and No processing.


Select the scan mode

Foot Pedal Hand Button                                Keyboard Plate      Scan button in software







Export scan results

a)¬†Select¬†‚ÄėAll‚Äô¬†images on the file list;

b) Export all the images to PDF, Searchable PDF or OCR(word) file.

c) Edit the scan results in Batch.

Select¬†‚ÄėAll‚Äô¬†images on the file list;

You can change color mode, choose rotate, crop, standardize, or carry out various types of batch processing for multiple images.

How to Scan books?
How to scan curved books?

a) Turn on the scanner, then select [Facing Pages] processing mode.

b) Keep the bound document open, you may press the blanks on both sides of the pages. Please wear the finger cots when pressing the document. Foot pedal are more convenient for scanning bound documents.

c) The software will automatically flatten curved, finger removal, perform deviation correction, edge trimming and quality adjusting of the pages.

d) Please close the preview window for scanning results.


How to scan reflective books?

When you scan reflective materials such as magazines or glossy books. Please turn on the side lights and turn off the built-in LED light to start scan.

Exceptional problems
When you power on the scanner, it does not respond

a) Make sure the power adapter is powered, you can see the power indicator and scanner display are on.

b) If it still does not work, please contact our customer service for support.


Software prompted "Detecting devices..."

a)  Check the scanner's drive (CZUR) was installed successfully (In imaging devices or Camera).

b)   If the scanner driver is installed successfully, you can

I. Check software version is latest verison or not.

II.Turn on the scanner and connect it with PC,check the firmware version can be recognized or not.

III. Restart your PC and shut down the antivirus software first (Make sure the antivirus in background processes also ended).                        

Then re-install software and try again.

IV. Change another USB port and try again (including the USB port which connect keyboard and mouse).

V. Enter Visual Presenter mode, click "Display" button then check if the image can appear or not.

VI. Make sure in Windows Privacy "camera privacy settings","Let apps use my camera" is on! Website below for your reference.                  


VII. Make sure PC's camera can work properly.

VIII.Change another PC and try again.

c)   If the above methods doesn’t help, please send software version of this scanner to

customer service for support.

After [Facing Pages] scanning, the finger removal failed

a) Make sure to wear the finger cots when you scanning.

b) Make sure the left thumb wears left finger cots, the right thumb wears the right finger cots.

c) Make sure the finger cots pressed in the middle of the edge (as shown), neither upside nor downside.


d) Send the wrong image to the customer service.

What is Stamps?

The Stamps is a proprietary word for the CZUR Scanner, which is a color processing mode that converts background color of the image to white and optimizes the colors of stamp markings. Suitable for stamped official documents printed on white paper.


What is Patterns?

The Patterns is a proprietary word for the CZUR Scanner, which is a color processing mode that maximizes watermarks and other markings with optimization of image color. Suitable for documents that bear watermarks or stamps. This model is suitable for documents with special watermarks and shading, such as ID cards, passports and other materials. The scanning results keep the effect of the document.


What is [Flat Single Page]?

[Flat Single Page] is an CZUR scanner proprietary word, which is a paper processing mode. This mode is suitable for flat and non-curved (without finger pressing, without flattening and paging) material scanning, such as business cards, invoices, courier orders, book covers and single page documents. After scanning, the software will automatically perform deviation correction, edge trimming and quality adjustment of the pages.


What is [Facing Pages]?

[Facing Pages] is CZUR scanner proprietary word, which is a paper processing mode. This mode applies to the scanning of bound documents which have curved pages after opening including books, files etc. After scanning, the software will automatically flatten curve, remove finger, perform deviation correction, edge trimming and quality adjustment of the pages.

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