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Seiko Kinetic - 5M43A - 3023-5MZ -5MY - MT920 - TC920S



Seiko Kinetic 3023.5MY. (Li-ion battery) -> Capacitor 3023 5MZ

Genuine original SEIKO .
Panasonic MT920 Li-Ion with  conector, suport and plastic isolator, for replacing the old capacitor TC920S

For Seiko Kinetic movements 5M22, 5M23, 5M25, 5M42, 5M43 y 5M43.

Upgrade Your Kinetic Watch to Lithium Ion! - YouTube

Panasonic MT 920 Li-Ion battery with NO connector

Type: Lithium Titanium Battery / Capacitor. Voltage: 1.5 V.

Diameter: 9.5 mm. Height: 2.0 mm.

Price: £20.75 each. £20.50 each if you buy two or more.

Also known as: Panasonic MT920, ETA 295-56, Panasonic MT 920 with connector, Kanebo PAS920L with no connector.

These Panasonic MT920 devices were originally not batteries at all, but miniature capacitors. More recently however, ETA has upgraded their specification and replaced them with Li-Ion rechargeable batteries.

This is a genuine ETA watch capacitor / battery for use in ETA 205-911 autoquartz movement such as the LNIB Laco Q-Matic watches.

Consisting of a Panasonic MT 920 with absolutely no tags or connection plates, this ETA part Panasonic MT920 is a replacement capacitor for the following ETA watch movement calibres:

ETA 205-911

These Panasonic MT920 MT920 with no tag are almost exclusively used in ETA electronic watches. ETA part number 4969 or 04969, though it is also used in the following Citizen watch movement calibres:


These Panasonic MT920 MT920 with no tag have Citizen part number 298-177.

If your battery has a tag or connector attached, or if don't find the movement calibre you are looking for, contact us by email. Use the 'Contact Us' link in the left hand frame.

Product Id: MT920 Product Description: MT920 rechargeable Panasonic/ETA MT920 Citizen 295-57 battery. NO connector
Price: £20.75 each (multi-buy £20.50) Stock Status: Available
Quantity: Check out now

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Product Description
  • Genuine Seiko watch part
  • Brand new
  • MT920 battery with optional parts (clamp and insulator)
    • Replaces the old battery types: SL920 and TC920S
  • This capacitor will fit the following watch model / movement numbers:
Movement Numbers:
  • 5M22
  • 5M23
  • 5M25
  • 5M42
  • 5M43A
  • 5M45
  • 5M47
  • 5M54
  • 5M62
  • 5M63
  • 5M65
  • 5S22
  • 7M22
  • YT52
  • YT57
  • YT58
Seiko movement numbers are located on the back of your watch case. It is usually in XXXX-YYYY format with "XXXX" being the movement number. In this example photo, the "6117" is the movement number.

The movement number can also be found on the watch movement itself (may require magnifier).

Installation Guide:
  1. Do not try to test the voltage for this capacitor as this may result in damage. This is a rechargeable battery so it will fully charge by kinetic or solar power (depending on your watch).
  2. Open the case back
  3. Install the new capacitor in the same way as the old capacitor was installed. Take note of the positioning of the capacitor
  • For Kinetic watches: The watch rotor in your watch movement needs to be rotated about 400 revolutions to store enough power. Wear your watch and walk about 1720 meters (0.5 miles) or until the watch starts operating normally again.
  • For Solar watches: Place the watch in direct, strong sunlight or under a strong fluorescent light at a distance of about 20 cm or 8 inches until the watch starts operating normally again.
  • If you watch does not operate normally, double check the installation. A factory watch reset usually solves many problems. Please refer to your instruction manual.

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