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Sharp J-SH04:: World’s First Phone Camera

The J-SH04, made by Sharp Corporation and released by J-Phone (Vodafone) in Japan in November 2000, was the world's first camera phone. From a Philip Kahn idea.


イヤホン端子 カメラ部 


メニュー表示 メール入力 






The camera phone, with or without server infrastructure, has several fathers or mothers. Inspired perhaps by the comic strip Dick Tracy, the idea of transmitting images between two individuals was pursued in earnest with the development of the digital mobile phone. However, compared to digital cameras of the era, a consumer-viable camera in a mobile phone would require far less power and a higher level of camera electronics integration to permit the miniaturization. The CMOS active pixel image sensor "camera-on-a-chip" developed at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory by Dr. Eric Fossum and his team in the early 1990's achieved the first step of realizing the modern camera phone as described in a March 1995 Business Week article.

The first camera-phone complete with server infrastructure was demonstrated on June 111997, by Philippe Kahn when his daughter, Sophie, was born.Parks Kahn integrated a miniature camera into a Motorola cell phone and, as his wife Sonia Lee Kahn was in labor, broadcast pictures of the newborn baby around the world using a complete server infrastructure that he had developed. The camera phone solution complete with infrastructure became the founding vision forLightSurf Technologies, now owned by Verisign.

In Japan, J-phone deployed in 1999 the first sharing infrastructure with camera-phones, using the blue-prints of Kahn's 1997 designs in partnership. the first integration of a camera sensor into a phone was developed for Sharp electronics working professionals who wanted to keep an image of their children with them wherever they went and as they worked. The user interfacewas designed to be simple so that novices and children could also use the feature. The designers felt it was important to have the child's photograph displayed on the cellphone as accurately as possible. That Sharp phone was the camera phone that J-phone launched with its infrastructure in 1999. Today all major carriers around the world offer camera phones with complete sharing infrastructures.

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