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Invention of the adjustable wrench

Invention of the adjustable wrench

Modern adjustable wrench with a ruler on the example of Licota AWT-35039-8

An adjustable wrench is a very convenient tool that can replace a whole set of wrenches of various sizes.

Excuse me, but to whom should we say thank you for this invention, and when did it appear? Opinions on this matter may differ. Moreover, in different countries the adjustable wrench is called differently: Swedish, English and even French. Let's see why.

English version of the invention of the adjustable wrench

Massive English adjustable wrench

The British ironly believe that they were the first to propose the design of the adjustable wrench. It happened in the first half of the nineteenth century (approximately 1842-43). About the true authorship there are disputes - the names of the engineer Richard Cliburn and the inventor of the lawnmower Edwin Budding are called. Moreover, it is believed that both inventors came to the idea of creating a key synchronously, but independently of each other. In their design, a rifled bolt was used, which was located along the handle. The invention turned out to be too massive and not very convenient to use the key, for example, in hard-to-reach places. On the other hand, the massiveness of the key allowed it to be used as a hammer, which was a kind of plus.

French version of the adjustable wrench

Adjustable wrench of French origin

As for French names, the French claim the following. The so-called "French sliding key" was developed by Monsieur Le Roy-Tribeau. The year of obtaining a patent is considered to be 1837. That is, judging by the dates, here the French managed to bypass the British. (however, arrogant Britons deny this in every possible way, don't even try to argue).

Swedish-style adjustable wrench and its creator

The inventor of the adjustable wrench is the Swede Johansson

In fact, the heated debate between the French and the British doesn't really matter. After all, for us, the adjustable wrench is primarily a Swedish-type key, we often call it a "Swede". This design is the most convenient and functional and is used most often. It was proposed by the Swedish mechanic Johan Petter Johansson.

Johansson, having founded his own fur. workshop in the city of Enkoping, was engaged in the maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery and mechanisms. For each trip, the Swede had to take a lot of tools, including a variety of wrenches. Such a burden bored him quickly enough and already in 1888 he, adding to the design of the wrench the so-called worm (a screw whose rotation allows you to adjust the size of the throat), managed to create a convenient and functional tool. Johansson himself called his key the "Iron Hand".

Johansson received a patent for the invention in 1891. Full-scale production began in 1892 in cooperation with the Stockholm company Bahco (B. A. Hjort & Co). Since then, the key of this design is traditionally considered the "most correct and most real" adjustable wrench.

Adjustable wrenches in GarageTools

Adjustable wrench from Licota with ratchet mechanismInsulated adjustable wrench VDE from the same Licota — VDB-WT02

That probably sounds immodest. But we dare to remind you that in our catalog you can choose and buy adjustable wrenches of various sizes of the highest quality workmanship. In particular, we recommend Licota adjustable wrenches - such a tool fully meets the requirements for professional and industrial applications.

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Postcryptum: adjustable wrenches for pipeline – pipe (gas)

Inch pipe wrench from Licota — model ATP-4201


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