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Calauera - Trinquet: Naus de Colom



  1. Pedro de Torreros and the Voyage of Destiny - Pàgina 19

    books.google.com/books?isbn... - Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    Though heavier and slower than the Pinta and the Nina, the Santa Maria had more sails, which helped her to keep up with the others. In addition to her large mainsail, she had a square foresail, a lateen-rigged mizzen sail on the quarterdeck, ...
  2. Tiller and Whipstaff: The Development of the Sailing Ship, ... - Pàgina 16

    books.google.com/books?id... - Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    A P McGowan - 1981 - ‎Visualització de fragment - ‎Més edicions
    The fact that the Pinta had already been converted to square rig before being selected for the great voyage of Columbus shows how ... The Pinta had a square foresail, a mainsail and a lateen mizzen ; the Nina, originally lateen rigged on both ...
  3. Warfare on the Mediterranean in the Age of Sail: A History, ...

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    It was flat-bottomed and single- masted with a lateen mainsail and a small foresail. ... Africa and traverse the immense Atlantic barrier to the New World; two of Christopher Columbus's three ships (Ni√Īa and Pinta) were square-rigged caravels.
  4. The Landfall of Columbus on His First Voyage to America: ...

    books.google.com/books?id... - Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    But this opinion of the good condition of the vessels is by no means "confirmed by the necessity there was for repairing the Pinta at Grand Canary, the ... The Nina remained with her lateen sails, and as to the Santa Maria, (the Nao, as she was called,) happily Columbus himself informs ... He says,* " I set all the sails of the ship ; ‚ÄĒ the mainsail with two bonnets, the foresail, and spritsail, and the mizen, and¬†...
  5. Ships of Discovery and Exploration - Pàgina 103

    books.google.com/books?isbn... - Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    Nina sailed from Palos in company with SANTA MAR: and Pinta on August 3, 1492. ... With her new rig, she retained her lateen-rigged mizzen, set a square sail on her mainmast (the old foremast), and set a square foresail on a new mast ...
  6. Mercedes of Castile: A Romance of the Days of Columbus - Pàgina 290

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    The admiral had ordered Vicente Yafiez to carry the foresail close reefed, in the hope of dragging the caravel through this chaos of waters, to a part of the ocean where the waves ran ... demanded Columbus, looking anxiously in the direction in which the Pinta ought to be visible. ... The lantern was hoisted, and, after a steady gaze, a faint and distant light was seen glimmering in the rack of the tempest.
  7. Mercedes of Castile; Or, The Voyage to Cathay - Pàgina 130

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    The admiral had ordered Vicente Yaiiez to carry the foresail close reefed, in the hope of dragging the caravel through this chaos of waters, to a part of the ocean where the waves ran ... demanded Columbus, looking anxiously in the direction in which the Pinta ought to be visible. ... The lantern was hoisted, and, after a steady gaze, a faint and distant light was seen glimmering in the rack of the tempest.
  8. The ships of Christopher Columbus: Santa Maria, Ni√Īa, Pinta

    books.google.com/books?isbn... - Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    Xavier Pastor - 2005 - ‎Visualització de fragment - ‎Més edicions
    PINTA. types survives in the chronicles of the voyages of discovery. Only the caravel, clearly an exceptional vessel, ... It was also necessary to take note of the illustrations of two-masted lateen caravels on the chart of Juan de la Cosa, which ... area 120 0sq m 1292sq ft Foresail area 40.6sq m 437 2sq ft Foresail area 43.2sq m 465 Isqft Mizzen sail area 22 5sq m 243sq ft Mizzen sail area 23 4sq m 252 2sq ft.
  9. Story of Explorers and Exploration - Pàgina 21

    books.google.com/books?isbn... - Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    ... SPAIN Cadiz A F R I C A A M E R I H a v a n a L T h e m a COLUMBUS' SHIPS were the Santa Maria, the Pinta and the Ni√Īa. He changed their triangular lateen sails, as used in the Mediterranean, to stronger square sails. gnetic com p a s s ... Mizzen mast Steersman using whipstaff attached to tiller Foresail Foremast.
  10. A Short History of the Sailing Ship - Pàgina 123

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    She had a mainsail with three bonnets and a main topsail, a foresail with two bonnets, two mizzen-sails (main mizzen and after-mizzen), and a spritsail with a bonnet. ... Of Columbus' other two vessels the Pinta seems to have been built as a caravel, but to have been re-rigged as a ship before he had anything to ... It was a fairly small vessel with three lateen sails, the biggest forward and the smallest aft.

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  1. [PDF]

    REVISTA DE HISTORIA NAVAL N¬ļ 110 - Portal de Cultura de Defensa

    www.portalcultura.mde.es/.../RHN_110.pdf‎Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    aguas, mostrando su utilidad como nave comercial y, sobre todo, de guerra. los confines ...... la direcci√≥n postal de la RevistA de HistoRiA NAvAl es: instituto ... atravesar el sostre o cubierta, la colocaci√≥n del √°rbol de trinquete. ... trabajo, se√Īalemos que tanto la iconograf√≠a de las C√°ntigas de Alfonso X ...... BAL COL√ďN. 51.
  2. [PDF]

    1 - RUC

    ruc.udc.es/.../UDC_TC_ParadaMejutoMJorge_o...‎Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    II - 09 Naves egipcias en viaje al país del Punt, representadas en la 2a columnata .... Se tiene por la evidencia iconográfica más antigua de un barco de 3 palos.
  3. [PDF]

    Actas de las Jornadas - Universidad de Murcia

    www.um.es/catedranaval/.../jornadas_madrid.pd...‎Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    La direcci√≥n postal de la revIsta De HIstOrIa NavaL es: ..... las naves y marinos de la religi√≥n, y viene a aplicarse tanto a los barcos y su .... BAL COL√ďN. 51. ...... trinquete, cuyas dimensiones casi alcanzaron las de la vela del mayor (93 por .... Pedro: iconograf√≠a y documentaci√≥n n√°utica espa√Īola de los siglos xVi al xViii.
  4. [PDF]

    Documentos para la Historia de Dénia en el S. XIX Descripciones ...

    para el rumbo y derrotero de sus naves. Casi todo .... Hay casa-cuartel, teatro, trinquete y casino. ... Col√≥n, y por el llamado camino del Mar, que dirigi√©ndose a √©ste desde el n√ļcleo principal ...... Postal del trinquete de la calle Bellavista. ...... catedral del Valencia, Iconograf√≠a de los capiteles..., g√©nesis del Derecho Foral de.
  5. [PDF]

    UNIDAD I - ucenm

    www.ucenm.net/.../Historia%20de%20Honduras...‎Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    llamados a representar la estructura y la iconograf√≠a misma del poder en el mundo maya ...... En el primer viaje Col√≥n utiliz√≥ tres naves, dos carabelas y una "nao", aunque com√ļmente ... dimensiones, en tanto que el trinquete portaba una vela latina. ...... postal, la venta de papel sellado y el funcionamiento del cu√Īo.
  1. The Great Explorers: The European Discovery of America - Pàgina 388

    books.google.com/books?isbn... - Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    The European Discovery of America Samuel Eliot Morison. square like her two companions, because square sails are much handier than lateen rig when running before the wind. Pinta, also a locally built caravel, was a little larger than Nina, and square-rigged from the first. Her real name we do not know; Pinta was ...
  2. Columbus in the Americas - Pàgina 17

    books.google.com/books?isbn... - Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    operated nicely in windward work yet were still nimble enough to allow sailing in shallow water. Pinta made several later Atlantic crossings, her last one in 1500 when a hurricane overtook and capsized her in the southern ... Although the smallest of the three, she had four masts; the eminent naval historian and blue- water sailor Samuel Eliot Morison said Ni√Īa was "one of the greatest little ships in the¬†...
  3. North American Exploration - Pàgina 155

    books.google.com/books?isbn... - Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    John Logan Allen - 1997 - ‎Visualització prèvia - ‎Més edicions
    While repairs on the Pinta's rudder were being completed, the Nina was re- rigged from lateen to square sails. By 2 September all ... discredited ideas of Samuel Eliot Morison, Watlings Island would also be out of the running. Of the significant ...
  4. The ships of Christopher Columbus: Santa Maria, Ni√Īa, Pinta

    books.google.com/books?id... - Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    Xavier Pastor - 1992 - ‎Visualització de fragment - ‎Més edicions
    Describes the information available on the ships of Columbus's day, and provides detailed plans of the 1892 and 1927 recreations of the Santa Maria, as well as of the 1992 replicas of all three ships
  5. The Sea Voyage Narrative - Pàgina 206

    books.google.com/books?isbn... - Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    Preeminent among them is Samuel Eliot Morison, America's most prolific maritime historian, who devoted much of his ... especially a long prefatory chapter on "Ships and Sailing"; chapter IX on "Nir'ia, Pinta, and Santa Maria"; chapter X on ...
  6. Dreaming of Columbus - Pàgina 6

    books.google.com/books?isbn... - Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    During the voyage, I kept going back over the 1942 Pulitzer Prize winning Admiral of the Ocean Sea by Samuel Eliot Morison and The Log of Christopher Columbus translated by ... It reminded me how important sailing friendships are and how sailing in a rally magnifies these feelings. ... Under command of Zheng He, some 300 "treasure ships," over 400 feet long (five times the size of the Pinta), made ...
  7. To Harness the Wind: A Short History of the Development of Sails

    books.google.com/books?isbn... - Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    A Short History of the Development of Sails Leo Block ... mizzenmast, 43, 149 mizzen sails, 125 monsoons, 20-21 moon sail (moonraker), 103 Moors, 33 Morison, Samuel Eliot, 107 naos, ... Tarshis ships, 8-9, 10; Punic wars, 10-12; square sails, 132 Pilgrim, 41, 59, 61, 63 pilot boats, Virginia, 94, 98 pinching, 115-16 Pinta, ...
  8. The Voyage of the Vizcaína: The Mystery of Christopher ... - Pàgina 118

    books.google.com/books?isbn... - Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    "They didn't look anything like any of the replicas, for none of them sail properly. ... from the wreck off Nombre de Dios to produce a construction plan for a caravel, like the Nina, the Pinta, or the Vizcaina, it remains unclear what a nao looked like. ... Of the Nina Samuel Eliot Morison enthused, "There's a vessel to sing about!
  9. Mexicanos: A History of Mexicans in the United States - Pàgina 14

    books.google.com/books?isbn... - Tradueix aquesta pàgina
    He had arrived somewhere in the Bahamas. sailing southwestward, the expedition came upon cuba and espa√Īola, ... past, most historians have agreed with the eminent biographer samuel eliot Morison, who saw in columbus not only a great¬†...

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