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Record: Yashica YTR-40 - Aiwa TP-30

AIWA Portable Tape Recorder

Model TP-32A
Country of Origin: Japan
Dimensions: 9-1/4”W x 3”H x 5-1/4”D (when closed)
Shipping Weight: 3-1/4 lbs.

Miniature portable Reel-Reel Tape Recorders made in Japan. Some of these units began to penetrate the American market in the 1960s. From that bygone era, comes this delightful little AIWA Portable Tape Recorder, model TP-32A.The unit employs a single lever that controls the transport functions, FWD (forward), STOP and RWD (rewind). It is a direct drive system in which a double-shafted Mabuchi motor pivots from one hub to the other as needed. Beautiful simplicity. A slide switch selects between Play and Record. To protect existing recordings, the RWD will not function unless the switch is in Play position. The machine accommodates up to 3-1/2” reels of ¼” tape. It does not use a capstan drive or pinch roller. Instead, tape speed depends upon position on the reels. The microphone plugs into the miniature MIC jack. There is also a sub-miniature Remote jack that for use with the remote switch on a microphone that is so equipped, or a footswitch. Playback is through an internal 2-1/4” Pioneer speaker, or the 1/8” E-PH (earphone) jack. A rotary control adjusts playback Volume, and probably input record level as well. The unit runs on 1 x D battery for the motor, and a standard 9-volt rectangular battery for the electronics. A sturdy strap handle on the front of the unit makes for easy carrying. Its end loops double as latches that secure the top of the machine.


Yashica YTR 40
Yashica YTR 40

Year Built Not known
Price Not known
Origin Japan
speeds 9.5 cm / s
number of tracks 2 Spoors Mono
Tube / transistor Transistor
status playing

Radios antiguas: MAGNETOFONO yashica YTR - 40 MADE IN JAPAN - Foto 3 - 18016415

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