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Modem SENDATA 700M

Modem SENDATA 700M (series acoustic coupler).

By Administrator on March 08, 2011 12:29
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A few weeks ago, I got this thing in my hand:

Modem SENDATA 700M (series acoustic coupler). So I took a couple of shots to make sure that this supertech was not lost.

Today no one needs an acoustic modem, but the time has been here, and I remember it. Force, when the 300Bd was modem and fortunately it was a bit faster and faster.

The phone handset was removed, it clicked into soft plastic, of course it had to be kept in order that the handset did not work opposite. It really worked, just was not allowed to go out in the room, the transmission then fell ... Simple beginnings were hard.

Inside, there are still original NiCd accumulators, although they are already running out, but they have stayed there for a long time and have not destroyed the motherboard.

There is only a headset in the modem head, so nothing complicated. On the same side is power supply - when the batteries have to be charged.

One more view of this "modem veteran".

It was definitely sold in 1984 - see link to this article where it is already mentioned that it is already on sale (link, eng):

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