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Mini Soldering Iron - USB 5V - 8W - Tip Touch Switch

Fully functioning USB powered soldering iron.
Small and compact for portability Rapid heat up and instant recovery.
Tip can be replaced easily.
Heating up in less than 15 seconds.
Cooling down in less than 30 seconds.
Long life tip with a protective cap.

  • Slightly shaking the pen (or touching the metal point on the body), the LED light will glow and job can be started.
  • If leaving the item unused for 25 seconds, the LED light will be turned off and the pen will go into sleeping mode automatically.
  • To re-start work, shake the pen¬†again (or touch the metal half ball).
WARNING!: The iron switch-on works by shaking the unit or from human body induction capacity, aproaching the finger to the half spheric metal ball in the handle, for this reason if there isn't enough "HUM" induced (p.e.:with a Power Bank isolated from the AC Mains network), the capacitive switch may not work. You may need to feed a charging cable from the Power Bank to the Mains Plug. On the other hand, if you have too much "HUM" induced , the iron may not switch-OFF.

Material: Plastic Handle + Soldering Iron
Input: USB 5V
Power: 8W
Highest Heating Temperature:¬†380-400‚ĄÉ
Heating Time: <15 seconds
Cooling Time: <30 seconds
Auto Shut Off: 25 second idle
LED Indicator: Yes
Soldering Iron Length: Approx. 16.2cm/ 6.38"
Cable Length: Approx. 150cm/ 59.06"


  • 100% Brand new and high quality!
  • This compact, fully functioning USB powered soldering iron, perfect for hobbyists!
  • Quick worm-up and rapid cool-down means you can work efficiently and quickly.
  • The small tip makes it perfect for SMD work and other small soldering jobs.
  • Long life tip
  • Protective cap for the tip
  • Red LED glowing means¬†the¬†unit is power-on, obtained by shaking the unit (or touching on the half spheric metal ball).

Product Properties:
Item type:Soldering Iron
Output Power:8W
Temperature Stability:Quick warm-up and cool-down
Input Voltagle:5V DC
Dimensions:Handle 11.5 cm
Total length 16 cm
Material: metal & plastic

Quick heating time: <15 seconds
Fast cooling time: <30 seconds
25 second idle auto shut-off
LED indicator
Power: 5V DC / 8W
Material: Plastic, Metal
Color: Black

1.Slide off the iron tip cover, by pulling or rotating it clokwise (not to the left), To start using the iron, shake the unit (or touch the half spheric metal ball), a red LED will glow, meaning the unit is switched-on allowing you to start soldering. When work is finished, push the cover over the tip by the rotating the cover clokwise with the bit inserted directly inside the cover.

2. The iron switch-on works by shaking the unit (or from human body induction capacity, aproaching the finger to the half spheric metal ball), after the LED glows, hold the handle 5 seconds in the hand to begin the heat up To stop, after leaving the handle still for 25 seconds, it will switch off and the temperature will start dropping.

3. The best way to us it, it's by connecting it to an USB power supply, to a computer power supply, or to a mobile powerBank (of more than 10.000 mAh). The small capacitance of the soldering iron PSU will hold the energy!

Package includes:
1 x Soldering Iron
1 x USB power cable
1 x Metal Stand
1 x Tip Cover
1 x Small coil of solder

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