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The scandal of the old controversy of the doctoral thesis of Pedro Sánchez revealed in 2017 the digital diary 'Vox populi', assuring that the former minister of Industry Miguel Sebastián , and former personal adviser of Zapatero in Moncloa, would have confessed in an informal conversation with journalists that "the bulk of the book" by Sánchez, "where he wrote his doctoral thesis, was made with papers from that government department". He suggested that his department of advisers from Moncloa "made" the thesis to the then young Sánchez, and that 90% of the thesis was based on ministerial public texts.

Sebastian never ratified those words again, and even clarified that his words were misinterpreted . Moreover, in the program 'Al Rojo Vivo' of 'La Sexta' charged against those who had taken advantage of the issue to make these harsh accusations to Sanchez and denied categorically affirming such a thing in a talk with journalists, as published 'Vox populi'.

As the subject is not really new, Sebastián already charged last April against Enrique Ossorio , spokesman of the PP in the Assembly of Madrid, for stating that Sánchez's thesis was a plagiarism and that it was not his responsibility: "Today you have Lied at the headquarters of the Assembly of Madrid and you know it, Enrique Ossorio, you have lied about the elaboration of Pedro Sánchez's doctoral thesis, you are a shame for the political class and you should answer for it, as your cheating boss. "

What Carlos Oca√Īa says

In addition, the young economist¬†Carlos Oca√Īa Orbis , who was Sebasti√°n's right-hand man in the Moncloa economic cabinet, has given his face. In an official notice sent to the state agency EFE, Oca√Īa has denied to have been the 'black' one of Sanchez, denying therefore that outside partial or global author of the thesis of Sanchez.

"Subsequent to this thesis ['Innovations of Spanish economic diplomacy, Analysis of the public sector: 2000-2012'] I collaborated with Pedro S√°nchez in the publication of the book 'The new Spanish economic diplomacy' as it appears in that publication", clarifies, but denies that he carried out his thesis partially or completely. The¬†book , which has a¬†title almost similar to Sanchez's thesis, clarifies Oca√Īa that "is based" on the thesis approved by the private university Camilo Jos√© Cela, to which the economist contributed "parts of some chapters", making it clear that his¬†contribution was "basic" . Specifically, he explains that he contributed "questions that were not addressed directly in the thesis or that could serve as an example to explain some ideas of the university text".

Oca√Īa also addresses in his statement the issue of copyright or profits for writing part of the book ensuring that "it is absolutely false" that he has been paid to collaborate in the book. There was no "compensation", he says.

The controversy with the later book

However, in the registration of the ISBN system (International Standard Book Number, an international number to give each book a numerical code that identifies it), the Ministry of Culture¬†collects in its database that the authors of the book¬†'La nueva Spanish economic diplomacy ' , of 2013, is by¬†Carlos Oca√Īa as author , published by the publishing house Delta Publications. However, on the cover and back cover of the book Pedro¬†S√°nchez signed appears as director of the choral authorship of the work.

On the website of the book publisher, Pedro Sánchez is the only author (director of the whole authorship) :

The¬†Amazon book store¬†gives Erroneously¬†Oca√Īa¬†as its author , although it also brings the name of Sanchez as the author on the cover and on the back cover images.

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