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Sony WM-D6

Selling a vintage first better revision, Sony WM-D6C professional series cassette recorder walkman, in full working order, no issues. This is very rare to find in full working order with this series. The early revision is better as it uses a true amorphous head and not the fake one that the newer revision uses and thur hole components which makes it easy to repair. Did replaced most of the rubber parts as belt, counter belt and idler tire, transport runs silent and smooth during playback, can only hear motor, no noticable wow and flutter. Also relube and clean the transport and volume control had to replace a couple of transistors and op-amp and tested a complete tape and works flawless.

This was one of Sony best recording walkman with the DD system and casing is made out of metal, which you don't see quailty made today. DD system, wich stands for "Disc Drive", and allows a low sound distortion, wow&flutter. This systems doesn't use a common belt, and that's why it doesn't suffer the known problems related to belts.

Can also turn this into a "custom D6C" upgrading the OP-AMP to better revision IC for lower noise and record amp IC and set bias to tape you plaining on using to record and equalization, but will cost more and down payment will be require before doing the work, do take pictures of work being done. Reason for down payment being require is it harder to sell a modded D6C, then a stock one, as some collect these and want it original, plus have to order the various parts and time, just give me a little reinsurance that the deal will be completed.


PM with offer, pictures below. do also have newer revision D6C's available boxed or unboxed.














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What is the serial number of this D6C?


Is it a late phenolic PCB, since from your photo the magnetic head does not have the hyperbolic grind, but a standard shape?


I was lead to believe the standard shape head in the D6C are not true amorphous head, so how are you able to tell?

I would love it retrodos...but as usual i have no money.....from the looks of it your one of the best walkman techs on here (you docp and plop) good luck with your sale mate

The hyperbolic heads were used to improve the tape-head contact (better pressure with the same tape tension), It is the hyperbolic head, picture didn't pickup the sharp angle of the head, have to get a better angle at it. I do a side by side, then it's easy to tell. Serial is early revision 59682

Here the older and newer revision side by side






I can't see any differences between the early and the late D6Cs. Is it only the head ? Which one is the old and the new D6Cs ? The deck on the left, the head is more pointed whereas the one on the right is a head that you would see in any walkman.

Exactly the pointing one is the hyperbolic head, true amorphous head, that the older D6C, then newer one uses a cheaper permalloy head, that you will find in most walkmans. There actually 4 revisions, the 4th board revision has a different factory bias point from my earlier (2nd board revision). This is to calibrate to newer tape stock, that was around.


The other major differents is board design one uses thur hole components and other new revision with glass epoxy circuit board and SMD components.

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