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Gavin Menzies - response

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-----Mensaje original-----
De: Gavin Menzies [mailto:menzies@clara.net]
Enviado el: viernes, 08 de abril de 2005 13:27
Para: Carles
CC: Ian Hudson; Charlotte and Dave Rees; Robin Lind; Gunnar Thompson;
Tai-Peng Wang; Lam Yee Din

Dear Carles Camp,

Kublai Khan's Emissary to King James I of Aragon in about 1270 AD

Thank you so much for your fascinating e-mail of 5 April.  I was
particularly delighted for in January 1999 I went to Catalonia attempting
find connections with China.  Santa Maria, Ripoll was top of my list.  I
obviously missed the carved Chinese figures ‚Äď are those statues in the
Portal? Are they original in reconstruction following the 1428 earthquake?
Unfortunately my book on the Portal does not mention them.

I am most grateful for you translations.  It seems to me these emissaries
the Great Khan came by sea.  There are several pieces of corroborative
evidence to support this.

(i)             The Kangnido Map  (reproduced in the Spanish version of my

This map was presented by the Koreans to Emperor Zhu Di on his accession to
the throne in 1403.  It is generally accepted that the map was based on an
earlier one drawn by the Chinese under the direction of Chu Ssu Pen, and
that the original cartographer was on Kublai Khan's fleet.

Of direct interest are the Azores Islands clearly shown on the Kangnido
"Islands with distinctive mountain peaks."

Recently Professor Arnaiz-Villena and colleagues have carried out DNA
studies of peoples of the Azores Islands and concluded they have as much or
more Mongolian and Chinese DNA in their genes as Europeans DNA.  They
postulate the Azores people received this Mongolian or Chinese DNA before
the arrival of Europeans.  It seems to me therefore that Kublai Khan's
fleets reached the Azores.

(ii)           The Kangnido also shows the whole Mediterranean notably, the
Pyrenees, the River Rhone Delta, islands west of Italy (The islands could
Majorca and Minorca) and the Straits of Gibraltar.

(iii)          And shows Africa can be rounded to get into the Indian Ocean
and back to China.

In short the cartographer of the Kangnido knew Catalonia could be reached
from China by sailing round Africa and through the Straits of Gibraltar.

(iv)        The Blue winged Magpie (Ferry Van Museum Research)

This exotic bird is found only in China, Majorca and the estuary of the
River Guadalquivir in Southern Spain, near the Straits of Gibraltar.

(v)           Pohutukaina Trees (Metrodero or Arvore Das Bruxas)

These trees originate on New Zealand (Research of Festa Fotra).  600
year-old specimens are found in La Coruna and very old (undated) specimens
in Majorca.

(vi)         The Spanish Moorhen

This bird, unique to Majorca was found by the first Europeans to reach New
Zealand.  It is flightless.

(vii)¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Marco Polo ‚Äď The Polos at Acre 1269 ‚Äď1271

The Polos are said to have been sent by Kublai Khan on a mission to the
Pope.  When they got to Acre in 1269 Clement IV had died.  In 1271 they
returned to China.  What they did between 1271 and their return to Venice
1295 is largely unknown.  Marco appears to have been sent to India during
this period and also to the West Coast of North America (Gunnar Thompson

(viii)      The Kangnido shows the Eastern Mediterranean to Levant (where
Acre is) and the Nile Delta.

(ix)         Ibn Battuta (1325-1354) describes his travels from Morocco to
China and huge Chinese ships capable of staying at sea for years on end.

(x)           Wand Da Yuan (1330-1337) travels in opposite direction to Ibn
Battuta from China to Morocco and back there on to Australia.  (Barbarians
of the Isles).

(xi)        Ming era maps (map of South East Maritime Countries in volume
of Collection of Books ‚Äď Lam Yee Din Research ‚Äď shows New Zealand
"Rhinocerous Head Island").

So what does all this suggest?

(i)             Trade between China and the Mediterranean by sea was
relatively commonplace by the 14th Century.

(ii)          There is direct evidence that Kublai Khan's Chinese
arrived in Aragon/Catalonia (your research).

(iii)         They probably visited the Azores (DNA) the Rhone valley (DNA
of Gitanes). The Guadalquivir and Majorca (Blue winged magpies).

(iv)        Within months of James I receiving Kublai Khan's delegation the
Polos had arrived in Acre which is on the sea in the eastern Mediterranean,
shown on the Kagnido map.

(v)          It must at the very least be arguable that the delegation sent
by Kublai Khan to King James I of Aragon and the delegation he sent to the
Pope (The Polos) was one and the same.  The Polos reached Acre by sea in
ships wish had berthed at Barcelona (Ripoll).  They arrived from the
Atlantic having sailed round Africa (The Kangnido).

I am sending a copy of this e-mail to those friends of ours who are
interested in the voyages of Kublai Khan's fleets.  Most important of all,
what do you think?

Best wishes,

Gavin Menzies.

----- Original Message -----
From: Carles Camp i Perez
To: zhenghe@1421.tv
Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 2:52 PM

Dear Sirs/Madams:

I send you some proofs of the relationship between Catalonia and China
almost from the XIII century.
You will see some portraits of a chinese men in some capitals built in the
XIII century in Ripoll, a town to around 100 Km of Barcelona.
Perhaps it has a relationship with a Great Khan Embassy sended to James I
Catalonia in these period. I adjoint a contemporary chronicle of this
This embassy was the answer to another one make for James I to get a
military and strategic agreement to eject the muslims from Holy Land.
Unfortunatelly James I was already too old to go on that, and the project
was not reallised.
In all case, that means that China knew something about Catalonia, in
contrary the Great Khan would not send an embassy.
If Mr. Gavin Menzies can go to Barcelona, please tell me.
I will show how thw Zheng-He's map arrived to Cristophor Colom.
I wait for your answer,

Carles Camp

----- Fin del mensaje reenviado -----

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