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HP laptop, message 'plugged in not charging' - Windows 7

Q: After installing Windows 7 on HP laptop, getting message "plugged in not charging"

Same Laptop, same charger worked fine in Visa. After clean install of Windows 7 I get the "plugged in not charging" message.

About my system:
HP/ Compaq Mobile Workstation 8510w
The charger is intended to be used for an aditional / secondary battery - which worked fine in Vista when plugged into the Laptop. The regular charger still works fine even in Win 7.

So my question: This must be a software related issue in Win 7. Somehow it recognizes that this is not the regular charger and refuses to use it - but since it worked fine in Vista I would like to continue using it.
How can I do that in Win 7???



I had the same problem with my Compaq after upgrading to a 12-cell after market white box battery. What I did first was I uninstalled and reinstalled "Microsoft ACPI- Compliant Control Method Battery" and that did not work, so I followed the steps below:

1. close laptop and remove battery (while still on).

2. open lid and remove AC adapter (while still on, will power off system)

3. close lid and connect battery

4.  open lid, connect AC adapter, and power on.

After I did the above, my system began to charge the battery. Some people say that after step 2, shutdown the system before unplugging the AC. I didn't because most of the solutions I found said NOT to shutdown the system first. If you were careful with your system, this one time shouldn't do any harm to your laptop


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