BIRD'S SONG vs. A Yiddishe Mamme

In 1987 I bought in New York the  traditional Jewish song "A Yiddishe Mamme" "Jewish mother" and I was amazed that the first nine stages (beats) were identical to those of the Catalan song "Birdsong", it should be noted that along with the singing of the harvesters, there are two important Catalan folk songs, which have a common root with traditional Jewish songs.

I've read the article about Reapers song, I've seen as well the video referred in the article where an author says the "Song of the reapers" comes from a pornographic musical theme that was sung by the reapers during the harvest.. About that tesis I can only say "bentrovatto .. ma non è vero," the  branches have hidden the wood to Mr. Ayats " for... many popular songs have a pornographic version (videt. the Levantine, etc ..) so.. this fact does not prove at all that it couldn't exist a previous serious version, coming from a Jewish religious anthem or not ..







Note that the Catalan anthem (Song of the reapers)

... has a close relationship with a Jewish religious song

... While the Spanish national anthem..

it's similar to an Al-Andalus song

Spanish national anthem (guitarrra)

Anyone with two ounces of common sense could see why ..

We should not forget that the Jews were about the territories of the today's Catalonia, from the time of the Phoenicians and throughout the whole period of the Roman Empire, there were established for centuries with their own idiosyncrasies, so it is normal they have something in common in this field of the Catalan Culture (or maybe they were partly in its origine).. for they exist many obvious evidences in other fields.

It should be added that the direct ancestors of the royal catalan family were Jewish. The grandfather of Wilfred the Hairy was the exilarca Habibai Ben Natronai of Babylon an important fact but somewhat unknown in the history of Catalonia.

Moreover, Stelle Irizarry explains in his "book on the writings of Columbus", "in the Middle Ages, the only place on the peninsula where Jews had adopted the local language, was Catalonia" but after the 1390 Jewish massacre of the Call, they were scattered throughout the peninsula resulting in what is now known as "ladino"

Here are some beautiful Ladino-Jewish songs (one in catalan)

Mal De L'amor

El mal de l'amor
Es mal de migranya
Be ho sabia jo
De quan festejavam
Vaig festejar un temps
Una Marianna
Que de voluntat
Jo prou li importava
El mal de l¬īamor...
Ella també a mi
O be ho demostrava
Les claus del meu cor
Ella les portava
Jo les hi vaig dar
Una matinada
Anant a la font
A la font de l'alba

among others ...

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