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26-10-2022  (616 lectures) Categoria: Magnetotherapy

Bioresonance - Clark and Royal Rife frequencies


We briefly present in this section the basic concepts of the application of bio-compatible electrical frequencies, at adequate levels of voltage and current, both to eliminate bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites lodged in our body, and to recover or maintain the balance of the internal environment, in a non-invasive and effective way.

The equipment can be applied by means of a transfer blanket instead of the tweezers, for programs of long duration of 4 to 6 hours, to perform while sleeping, or who is sitting all these hours, can take advantage of them.


The human body is composed of a vast number of cells. In many cases these cells act like tiny batteries, storing and releasing energy, doing their job by taking nutrients and releasing waste products, repairing and reproducing. Each cell, like any other battery, has a measurable electrical charge, which must be maintained in order for it to function properly. Energy constantly flows between all cells through the body's electrical circuit. When some kind of damage or trauma occurs in living tissue, a disruption of the electrical capacity of the affected cells occurs, and after an initial discharge, a measurable decrease in the production and flow of energy through the electrical grid of the tissues involved occurs. This condition is usually accompanied by pain in the affected area and often results in the inability to fully repair itself.

Bio Electrotherapy is able to activate these impulses by varying the frequency, wavelength, and intensity of the electricity applied to the patient, thus imitating the electrical impulses that occur within us, giving relief to pain and helping the body to recover the electrical charge, which means, recover homeostasis, the natural state of well-being. Bio-Electrotherapy, that is, the application of Bio-Frequencies, is a viable and very effective alternative as a complement to drug therapies. Each microorganism has a different genetic code, a specific molecular pattern that vibrates at its own frequency, unique in every living being. Any virus, bacteria, parasite or pathogen is "sensitive" to a specific frequency.

It is the example of the crystal cup and the singer who emits a musical note that breaks the glass. The intense musical note makes the crystal explode, because the molecules of it are oscillating at the same harmonic as that musical note, that is, they are in resonance. By treating live pathogens within our body with the frequency corresponding to their spectrum, they die within a few minutes and are eliminated by the white blood cells of the immune system, in a completely harmless way for our organism.

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife investigated and verified hundreds of frequencies that affect many types of microorganisms, many of them, causing serious chronic and degenerative diseases suffered by humans. He created a vast directory of bio-compatible frequencies, which affect only one type of organism, and are harmless to any other organism with different genetic code. The Rife Frequencies are selective, and do not affect any organism other than the one that vibrates at that same frequency.

Dr. Rife also found in his research the specific bio-frequencies so that the cells that make up the tissues and organs recover their electrical charge of optimal functioning, with the aim that the organism recovers the homeostatic balance. For all this, Rife Frequencies can be used safely, for a long time, being their effectiveness more or less rapid according to the detoxification capacity of your body, but highly effective.

The bio-compatible electrical frequencies penetrate through the skin, via the clamps attached to the Device, because the skin itself does not pose an insurmountable barrier to these frequencies. The skin is part of the organism, and bio-frequencies cross it. In the case of lower frequencies, (5 Hz – 40 KHz) the penetration is lower, and only reaches the connective tissue; while the highest frequencies (1MHz – onwards) penetrate deep into cells, including those in bones.

For this reason, this Rife Frequency Electrotherapy Device combines high-frequency electrical pulses, called "carrier frequencies", that penetrate the cell ("opening doors") making it easier for low-frequency pulses to enter through the cell membrane. This combination of frequencies guarantees the effective and complete penetration of bio-compatible frequencies, with the appropriate voltage, for the elimination of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites that cause the disease, and that can be housed in the deepest layers of biological tissue.

Hard work has been done so that this Device emits a wave output as similar to that of the team they made together, Royal Rife and Philip Hoyland, the M.O.P.A (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier). Rife discovered that the organisms had a resonant frequency, which managed to kill them, called MOR, "Mortal Oscillatory Rate" (MOR), which were mostly in the range of radio frequency (RF), very high.

However, Hoyland (Rife's assistant) changed all that, applying harmonic calculations, converting the high-frequency MOR frequencies discovered by Rife to low frequencies, continued work by John Bare. The result was a new set of frequencies, REMs, waves, etc., creating a new, much more sophisticated machine, which included low-frequency pulses modulated over a high frequency.

These frequencies were since then tested and studied to this day, obtaining a vast catalog of therapeutic applications.

The resulting signal from that equipment is shown here.

Based on these and other data, and together with the abundant information obtained from other studies, we have worked to achieve the purest and most correct electrical signal that current technology allows us. We have also added the technique of electrical bipolarity of the body, sending a positive and a negative signal respectively to the treatment forceps, which improves penetration and bio-electrical balance.


It has been found that the square wave improves the results in applications, and this allows us to have a greater number of resulting harmonic bands. This enhances the treatment, which is why our carrier frequency is also a square signal.

Square waves, commonly used in modern devices, could not originate with the old Royal Rife equipment, just as the change in frequency and time of each, involved cumbersome technical work, which made them difficult to use.

Today, thanks to technological advances, all this, frequencies, times, sweeps and amplitude, are programmed in a mini computer. You just need to know which program to apply, and relax while the team does the complex work.

This is so developed that Dr. Charlene Boehm in biology has patented the mathematical formula for determining the experimental frequencies for each pathogen. Obtained from its molecular form.

Research carried out over the last thirty or forty years in the field of genetics and molecular biology has led to an explosion of information available to anyone who takes a look at them. The information is widely available in medical and scientific journals, and in extensive databases that can also be accessed from the Internet.

The length of any object can be thought of as having a resonance frequency, according to its correlation with a wavelength. For example, a person's height has its own resonance wavelength and a resulting frequency. Is it possible that the entire DNA genome of an organism can also possess a resonance wavelength and a specific frequency relative to its total length? Is there a way to calculate the full length of DNA in an organism's genome? Thanks to explicit analysis of the structure of DNA, it is now known exactly how far the molecular base pair is spaced in that helix. If one knows exactly how many base pairs are contained in the entire genome, searching for the entire length is a simple matter of multiplying the number of base pairs by the times of separation. [For an explanation of the structure and basis of DNA pairs, see L. Stryer, Biochemistry, 4th ed., (W. H. Freeman, 1995), p. 75 ff., ISBN 0-7167-2009-4].


Here you can see the bipolar signal that we get in our equipment, note that it does not present any noise or deformation in it.

Here is shown the signal resulting from the sum of both polarities. The electrical cleanliness of the signal, and its accuracy, are repeated.


Our device uses the frequencies investigated by three Rife research centers, Germany, France and the USA, which have more than 10,000 tests, certain particularities explained in the books of these studies, justify that it is not the most appropriate to rely only on the frequencies can be found in generic databases, so we use frequencies of researchers and developers who perform in vitro and in vivo tests, And then we devised the program by relating the pathogens of each disease.
We use high modulation frequencies, which are better in contact treatments, just like in the original Royal Rife and Philip Hoyland machines.
I leave an example: this is CAFL, generic basis on the internet: Gingivitis: 1550, 880, 802, 787, 728, 726, 465, 20, 1556, 776.
And these are the frequencies of the Rife 2 Pi equipment program: 20, 146, 4650, 8352, 6600, 6900, 7104, 7280, 7660, 7870, 8200, 8450, 11616, 16000, 18650, 20080, 22500, 24890, 24896, 25600, 28800, 27200.
You can observe the substantial difference, which derive from the use of higher octaves, and the additional frequencies.
Likewise, we consult bibliography in which it is explained how each frequency is obtained, through the study of the causes and symptoms of each disease, as well as its treatment, examples such as the case of Nenah Sylver, Jimmie Holman, Richard Loyd, Charlene Boehm, John Bare, John Crane, Brian McInturff, among many others.
We also contrast the frequencies and modes of treatments, with the MORA, FSCAN, or GB-4000 equipment, to maintain a coherent line of investigation and assertiveness of the frequencies in the treatments.

The RIFE Frequency Electrotherapy Device has three possibilities of use, which are detailed below:

  1. Manual Code:

The programs that contain the frequencies corresponding to each micro-organism will be applied, with their appropriate times and sweeps, included in a pre-programmed manner in the Device. In the appendix "List of Codes" you will find in alphabetical order, the viruses, bacteria, molds and diseases already programmed, with their explanation and duration, together with the code (which appears in the first box), which you must type in the Device to operate said program.


  1. Single frequency:

You can select a single treatment frequency and its time, if you know or want to test that frequency.

It ranges from 1 to 60 KHz. with carrier.

For example: the target frequency of Herpes is 2489 Hz. You may apply this frequency for as long as you type on the Device for testing and research.

It can also apply direct frequencies, without carrier, from 30 KHz. to 5 MHz.


  1. Sweep:

Sweeping is the application of consecutive frequencies, from an initial frequency to a final frequency in an allotted time. It is a very useful operating option if you want to trap some micro-organism whose spectrum you know is in a certain frequency range. With this method you can apply the full range.

It ranges from 1 to 60 KHz. with carrier.

For example: Herpes has a target frequency of 2489 Hz. but ranges between 2347 Hz. and 2950 Hz. In the "Sweep" operating option you can type these two ranges into the Device, and the application time (up to 60 min.) to make sure you find it in all its variants.

It can also apply direct frequency scans, without carrier, from 30 KHz. to 5 MHz.

Single frequency and sweeping, give the possibility to researchers and therapists who work with frequencies of Dr. Clark, and those who work with original Royal Rife frequencies, to apply them in their work, increasing versatility in their treatment.

You will find in the manual, apart from the treatments, a list with the Clark and Royal Rife frequencies, with which to begin your research and work.