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12-08-2022  (503 lectures) Categoria: Articles

Advances in Maltese Linguistics

Advances in Maltese Linguistics

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This volume is a collection of up-to-date articles on Maltese on all linguistic levels, demonstrating the variety of topics Maltese has to offer for linguists of all specializations.

  1. Avram: Two diachronic studies discuss the early contact of Maltese and Sicilian Arabic
  2. Biosca & Castellanos: Possible lexical influence of Occitan-Catalan on Maltese in the 13th-15th century.
  3. Fabri & Borg shed light on the rules that govern verb sequences in Maltese.
  4. Ceploe presents a corpus analysis of the syntactic and semantic properties of focus constructions in Maltese.
  5. Stolz & Ahrens analyze the behavior of prepositional phrases with identical heads under coordination.
  6. Wilmsen & Al-Sayyed study the use of mus as a negator in Maltese and beyond.
  7. Puech presents a detailed phonological analysis of Maltese and Tunisian Arabic based on prosody, syllabic structure, and stress.
  8. Azzopardi-Alexander gives a fine analysis of phonological features in Maltese English, placing speakers on a Maltese-English continuum.
  9. Sciriha takes a visual approach to multilingualism in Malta with her quantitative study of public and private signs.
  10. Versteegh offers a thought-provoking perspective on the notion "mixed language" and its viability.