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Your pinky finger shows your personality

Your pinky talks about you: the connection between your size and your personality

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Length of pinkies
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Your body shape is able to reveal a lot of information about your personality. Visual tests are usually used to define some trait that you had not perceived as if you are rational or impulsive, what political ideology you have or can even measure your mental age.

This time it's time to focus on the size of your pinky. Depending on the height it reaches with respect to your ring finger, you will know details of your way of being that you did not know.

He may tell you that you are an introvert, that you are a sensitive person or that you have a personality that is characterized by joy.

Remember that these visual personality tests do not have any scientific credibility and only serve to hang out or share it with a friend, but it is possible that they are right at some point.

Do you dare to try?

Here's what your little finger height says about your personality

As you can see in the image, the instructions are quite simple: you just have to choose the little finger that most resembles yours with any of the two hands.

Once you have it located, simply read the description of the selected model and discover something more about your personality.

Model A

If your pinky is aligned with the top of your ring finger, it means that you are an introvert.

That is, you have a hard time trusting people, you have a very small group of friends and talking about your feelings with others is complicated.

Model B

If your pinky exceeds the upper fold of your ring finger, it means that you are sensitive.

You usually take into account the feelings of others, it is not difficult for you to put yourself in the shoes of another person, you are very passionate and you are characterized by loyalty to your friends and family.

Model C

If it stays below the fold of the ring, it means that your main personality trait is that you are a cheerful person.

You see everything in a positive way and it is not difficult for you to see the good side of life. Now, you are not very adventurous and prefer to do things that give you security, so you are not very open to opening the circle of friends either.