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14-03-2017  (2563 lectures) Categoria: Bull

The importance of Bull-Ge in the actual computer world & standards

In 1976 I've been "upgraded" from my job as hardware engineer (cambia-placas) at Honeywel Bull Spain, to become "system's engineer" (for another 30 years) ...

An older colleague of mine: Lluch, (now dead), with more experience than me & who did the same "upgrading" 10 years before, said: don't  think you are becoming the "computer's king",  time will teach you  that "every new release converts the known errors into unknown errors" , life as teacher has told me how right he was.... (Luis del Molino used to tell me: bueno ya me has contado las mejoras de la release.., ahora cuéntame las peoras)

Manuel Capdevila - Systems Engineer.


Articles that unveal the importance of Bull-Ge in the actual computer world  & computer standards

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