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PIC24F KIT incircuit

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Brief Introduction:

  • This is a perfect clone of PIC24F Starter Kit by Microchip. With the introduction of a128x64 LCD screen and five tactile switches, this clone becomes more practical than the original one with just a small OLED and capacitive touch buttons. This Starter Kit provides an all-in-one solution for debugging and programming applications using Microchip's own MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Two USB connections to a host computer supplies communications and power to the board and therefore no additional external power supply is needed. For independent host-side USB operation, the Starter Kit may be disconnected from the PC and powered at test points for independent functionality.
  • The Starter Kit includes integrated debug and programmer circuitry that allows applications to be programmed onto the board's PIC24F MCU device and then debugged, all using MPLAB IDE. The need for an additional programmer or hardware interface has been completely eliminated.
  • The application side of the Starter Kit contains a range of hardware components to demonstrate the utility and processing power of Microchip's PIC24F family of 16-bit microcontrollers.
  • Net weigt:300g /10.7oz


  • Size: 137.16 (L) X 109.22 (W) X 25.40 (H)┬▒0.2mm
  • 5V DC supply
  • Simple and inexpensive kit to learn PIC24F 16-bit MCU family
  • Large 128x64 LCD display (80.20mm x 50.40mm)
  • Starter kit features the PIC24FJ256GB106 MCU with 256KB Flash
  • Integrated debugger
  • Free MPLAB C30 Compiler


  • Program and debug applications

Demos included:

  • Interactive, menu driven display using Parallel Master Port (PMP)
  • Time and data display using the Real Time Clock and Calendar (RTCC)

  • RGB LED Control with three PWMs and Peripheral Pin Select (PPS)

  • Real-time data graphing using the A/D Converter and display multi-tasking

Package Included:

  • PIC24F Starter Kit ├Ś1
  • Mini-B USB cable ├Ś1



  • DB-DP500