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Olympus C-211

  • Built-in printer creates Polaroid prints from your pictures
  • 2.11-megapixel sensor for photo-quality prints at sizes up to 8 by 10 inches
  • 3x optical and 2x digital zoom lens
  • Included 8 MB SmartMedia card holds 32 images at default setting
  • Transfers images to Macs and PCs via USB port

Think of the Olympus C-211 as either the best Polaroid instant camera you could ever own or as a quality 2-megapixel digital camera with a built-in printer. Olympus designed this camera for on-the-job use by realtors, insurance adjusters, law enforcement personnel, and anyone else who needs both the flexibility of a digital camera and the ability to instantly print photos.

As a digital camera, it's similar to the popular Olympus D490, with 1,600 x 1,200 pixel output, 3x optical/2x digital zoom, self-timer, macro, multimode flash, and movie mode. Users compose and review images on the camera's 2-inch LCD screen (the camera lacks a traditional optical viewfinder), and pictures are stored on SmartMedia cards. To quickly transfer files to your computer, the camera features a USB port.

The printer can be used to make instant Polaroid pictures from any file in the camera's memory. Simply choose the photo you want to print, zoom, crop, brighten, and sharpen it as you see fit, and press the big green Print button. In about 20 seconds, the photo will pop out of the camera. The image begins to materialize almost instantly, and takes approximately two minutes to finish. The camera uses standard Type 500 Polaroid film.

Product information

Product Dimensions 2.2 x 5.5 x 7 inches
Item Weight 1.67 pounds
Shipping Weight 4.7 pounds
Domestic Shipping Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses. For APO/FPO shipments, please check with the manufacturer regarding warranty and support issues.


Hi Beth. It takes Polaroid 500 film, which is 4.4 x 2.5 in, with image size of 2.9 in x 2.1 in.
By EaLaSpada on March 11, 2016

It takes 4 alkaline batteries and polaroid 500 or captivating film for printing.
By Prince Hennen Selling SELLER on November 21, 2015
It's digital no film

December 31, 2001

I am not the best picture taker, I have used only the basic cameras in the past. The ones that have a simple telephoto built in, auto-exposure, you get the drift, a simple to use, under 100buck one. I started looking for a digital camera because I am a gadget nut, and this went right along with my interest in computers and always having aleast a showing of the newest inovations. I did some reading, not to much, and listened to others as to what to look for, and the price. Well, when all was said and done, I still had no idea what I wanted or needed or could afford.

One day, just by chance, I saw the Olypus C-211 in a store. I started reading the info on the box, well, knowing what little I did know, it sounded easy enough to use and advanced enough to play with. It looked great on the box, and the outside info was enough to convince me that I had done my homework and this was the camera for options and the price.
Ok, the old saying to good to be true, isnt always true. This is the exception. It does a great job for those of us that want good pictures, better than my film camera. It has alot of the bells and whistle you might be looking for, low-to-high resolution pictures, short mpg movies, zoom, flash and a whole lot more that I still am learning.
The one or two draw backs to this camera, or at least the package I got, was the memory-card wasnt really enough, so I bought an extra 128mb card. I also had to buy a hidride battery charger. These two items cost about another 100 dollars, but well worth the investment.
There are two main drawbacks to me, one being not so bad, the other is what I consider a major one. The first being size and weight. It is about 4x7 in. in size and wieghts alittle over one pound, both acceptable, seing as it is also an instant camera for those who want pictures now. These are small, and the film isnt the best, but sufficient for everyday need. The one major drawback to me, is the cost of the film for the instant camera side of the Camera. But, again, you dont use it all that much, but it is convenient to have.
All and all, this is a great camera for all around digital use, not a real high-end, nor a low-end camera. It does a great job at 2.11 megapixels and all the little built-in tricks.
Well, that about does it for this persons opinion, Thanks for reading this and do your homework.

June 9, 2002

I bought this camera a little over a month ago and have been very happy with it. Before this, I used a Fugi MX 1200. There is 1 thing that I wish it had an optical viewfinder. It can be hard to see in the sunlight. As for size, its big because it has a built in printer. I found an ac adapter at a ... chain store and use it with the camera. The cost was less than [money]. The pics are quick b/c you are downloading via usb. I use this camera with my MGI Family Ed. Photo program. I also use 2 online photo sites that I found on the net. They are snapfish and ofoto. Wow, was I surprised when I received some pics back that I had sent on the net. I experimented with 1 photo and had it blown up to an 8x10 size. Everyone was amazed at the quality of this picture. I use rechargable batteries and keep several smart media cards handy all in my camera bag. I am in charge of our Family reunions and I think that this camera will be ideal for this. It gives family members a chance to pick up film and have a picture to keep if they want too. The film is around [money] for 10 pics or [money] for 20 pics. This camera seems to be well made. I was happy with the Fugi but I was ready to move on to more pixals and I wanted to get an optical zoom. This camera had both and the price was right since I found it on special for [money] b/c it had an instant [money] rebate. To get anything near this camera without the built in printer would have cost over [money] more. Again, i'm thrilled and it's simple to use with a little bit of reading the book and practice. I print pictures out on my Hewlett Packard model 920 c printer with the resolution set up to 2400 by 1200. Using photo paper or brochure paper can make your picture worth framing. And a laminater can preserve your photos. I also make picture cds on my cd burner to save and use later. As you can tell, I am really into these electronic gadgets now and I research everything that I can about these new products.