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Non-Apple SD Floppy drive Emulator - DIY

It is a very smart device, designed by Jean-Fran├žois DEL NERO, adopted to 3,5' case by Jeff and Lotharek. It allows you to emulate any 34 pins floppy disk drive. The SDCard HxC Floppy Emulator can replace different kind of floppy disk drive and allows you use SDCard media instead of floppy disk. This emulator is actually used on Amiga, Atari, CPC, PC computers, different keyboards and samplers, CNC machine tool, and scientist instruments.┬á

Technical details :

Floppy interface:

  • HE10 34 pins floppy connector :
  • Shugart compatible mode supported.
  • PC compatible mode supported.
  • Tested on PC, Atari ST, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Thomson, MSX, ZX Spectrum series computers.
  • Two floppy disk drives emulation
  • standard 3,5" bay dimensions

Power supply:

  • 5V +/- 10% standard power floppy connector input.

User Interface:

SDCard support:

  • SD Card up to 2GB.
  • SDHC Card supported up to 32GB.
  • (10Mhz SPI bus mode. Average byterate: ~500KB/s)

SDCard Filesystem

  • FAT32 supported. Subdirectory and long name file supported.

List of supported file images type:

  • ST, MSA, ADF, ADZ, DMZ, CPC DSK (standard and extended)
  • CopyQM DSK, Oric DSK, IMG, SMC,MSX DSK, IMD, Zx Spectrum DSK, BetaDisk TRD,
  • BetaDisk SCL, Thomson TO8D SAP, Thomson TO8D FD, PC88 D88, x68000 HDM (beta), x68000 XDF (beta), custom raw floppy geometryÔÇŽ
  • An AmigaDOS or FAT12 floppy disk image can also be generated from spares files.

Read / Write support:


  • Track mode based floppy emulator (Full track pre-encoded in the HFE image file)
  • Read support: Most of existing formats (FM/MFM/Amiga track...) supported.
  • Custom tracks supported.
  • Write support:ISO MFM/DD 256/512/1024Bytes sector write supported.
  • Write support: ISO FM /SD 128/256/512/1024Bytes sector write supported.
  • Amiga Write support (Since the Rev.C Hardware)
  • E-mu (Emulator I / II /SP1200) Write support (Since the Rev.C Hardware)

Floppy bitrate supported:

  • 250/300Kbits/s (DD floppies)
  • 500Kbits/s (HD floppies)
  • (others bitrates possible)

Note : Variable bitrate not supported. So protected floppy disk image (IPF and STX file format) file support will be only partial ! If you look for a device supporting IPF / STX please a have a look to the USB HxC Floppy Emulator device)



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