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How does a screw get into a tire?

How does a nail/screw get into a tire?

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The most common way of getting screws in your tire is by driving over them. A thing that you will realize with the screw-on tire issue is that it mostly affects the rear wheels. In this situation, a screw will mostly lie vertically on the ground.

When a nail/screw is on the road it's generally laying flat. How does it maneuver itself into a tire?

When you roll over an object with a wide base and narrow top from top to bottom, you tend to push the wide base downward and the narrow top upward, thus having the potential to pierce the tire.


From my experience it's mainly the rears that pick up punctures from road debris due to the from tyre flicking the nail/screw in the air, then the rear catching it at the right angle to puncture it.


i agree... i dont ever recall getting nails/screws in my front tires....

on my current car i plugged one of my rears 3x... eventually i replaced the rears because they were balding [ rwd.. _]


Screw in tire on accident or on purpose?

I had a flat and changed to a donut. Once the tire was off I noticed it was a screw. I took the screw out and it's pretty big and was directly in the tire in the center. Is there a way that happens on accident or did somebody do that to my tire on purpose? Any way to know? I'm just thinking.

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Can't really tell intent. Chances are it was bad luck unless it happened shortly after parking in two handicapped spaces or a cross state trip going speed limit in the passing lane.


Or maybe my Hillary bumper sticker?


I've seen a lot worse as far as accidental punctures (bolts, pair of pliers, syringe etc), but the screw is one of the most common ones to find in tire repair. The flat head helps orient it just right for piercing your tire. I'd imagine there is a large number of people driving without realizing there is a screw in their tire since typically it won't go flat as the screw is still sealing the air in.


I voiced this suspicion last year when we got punctures on both cars within weeks and was called paranoid.
I don't think it's paranoid at all. Seems like an almost foolproof way of vandalizing a car. You could do it silently, quickly and with little suspicion (I picture somebody pretending to tie their shoelaces whilst placing the screw in case somebody's watching), the damage won't be noticed until the perpetrator is long gone. The victim will never be sure if it was deliberate.